A Supplement That Tastes Good And Is Good For You

There is a new supplement that works for weight loss, and as a topping for pancakes. Health conscious people are in love with yacon syrup for its many amazing properties. Exactly, what is yacon syrup? It is a syrup made from the yacon root. This root has been part of the South American diet for hundreds of years. The syrup has a consistency like molasses and a flavor like raisins or figs.

Yacon syrup can be really helpful if someone is overweight or obese, and has elevated blood sugars. A study on the Dr. Oz Show used sixty women to test yacon syrup. The women ate one teaspoon with or before each meal for four weeks. They did not make any other changes in their diets or exercise routine. Forty of the sixty women finished the study and the results were:

  • 73 percent of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost five pounds or more
  • the average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • average loss in waist size was 1.9 inches
  • the women lost a total of 153 pounds

The supplement has other health benefits. It is high in prebiotics, such as insulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS.) FOS acts a soluble fiber which increases stool bulk and helps prevent constipation. FOS also feeds beneficial bacteria in the colon that have anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties. Furthermore, yacon is beneficial for diabetics. It can be used as an alternative sweetener because the yacon syrup glycemic index is low. Use Yacon as a sweetener in tea or as a topping for cereal and pancakes. Regular use of yacon also strengthens the bones and helps prevent bone loss.Do you want to know where to buy yacon syrup? It can be bought online or at health food stores. One of the best health benefits of yacon is that it improves immune system function. The immune system is the body’s last defense against many diseases. This supplement is known to build up and protect the immune system. There are many supplements on the market, but few have all the health-boosting properties of this syrup. People who want to live a healthier lifestyle should try yacon.

DOT exam prejudice

I decided that when I graduated as a Chiropractor I would do department of transportation medical exams.  As a commercial driver physical Ogden physician I have been certified with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to perform the department of transportation medical exams.  I have done a lot of these exams and seem to keep busy doing these exams.  I have run into a few businesses that will not allow a chiropractor to perform these medical exams.  They want a medical doctor to perform these exams.  This drives me crazy since I passed the class and test to become a certified examiner.  I have known all along that as a DOT physical physician I would find people that would have prejudices against chiropractors.  I have just been surprised at how many businesses will not allow a chiropractor to perform the medical exams for commercial drivers.  I am not sure if they had bad experiences in the past, but I am sure if that was the case that things are different now.  As of May 21st, 2014 only certified medical examiners can perform the department of transportation medical exams.  We also have to submit the exams online every month.  No longer will any medical examiner be able to do exams that are not up to the latest regulations.  I know there are a lot of drivers that come into my Chiropractor Ogden office for a medical exam to drive commercial vehicles that are not happy with some of the new regulations and can get mad if they fail an exam.  However, it is my job to do the exam according to regulations.


Choosing the Best Family Physician

Choosing a doctor is a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you carefully consider the matter, you can increase the likelihood that you will choose a physician who you can be happy with for many years to come. Switching doctors multiple times is not common among people who choose wisely initially. Personal preference is a huge factor in choosing a doctor, but you also need to ensure that the doctor you select is qualified to treat you. Families might choose to have all family members see the same family physician South Plainfield, but some parents might opt to send their children to a pediatrician. Women might choose to see a gynecologist for their female health needs, but they might choose a primary care physician for all other matters.

Hectic schedules can cause many people to miss important doctor’s visits. Routine physical examinations are important, and when they are missed, signs and symptoms of conditions such as cancer and diabetes might go undetected. These issues could result in death if they are not discovered in a timely manner. You can make doctor’s visits more convenient by choosing a family practice NJ that is close to your home or job. If you or another family member have a condition that requires frequent hospitalization, opt for a physician who has credentials to treat patients at your hospital of choice.

Many doctors are members of health networks. Ensure that the physicians you want to treat you are covered by your insurance. If they are members of a network, they can refer you to other specialists within the network which can save you time when you need specialized care. Take into consideration whether the physician you are interested in has staff members who can speak the languages you speak. For example, you might be bi-lingual, but other members of your family may not speak English. Although you could translate, medical terms are complicated in nature. It would be best to have a medical professional translate between the doctor and patient. This reduces the chances of medical errors occurring. Click here to find a reliable family doctor.

Action Of The Xenoestrogens

Action of the xenoestrogens

In normal situations, the endocrine system produces hormones that communicate with various tissues of the body, instructing them on what action to take. The ECDs will normally take the form of our natural body hormones and hence they will bind to the hormone receptors or even inhibit natural hormone production, an activity which has been found to be so destructive to the hormone sensitive organs like uterus, neurological systems etc. This will in the long run impact on the normal growth and development process. 

For the case of the xenoestrogens, its introduction into the body will shoot up the levels of estrogens resulting in to estrogen dominance. Since most of the xenoestrogen compounds are non-biodegradable, they will accumulate in the fat cells. 

What are the effects of xenoestrogen?

Buildup of xenoestrogens within the cells has resulted in conditions of cancer like prostate and testicular cancer. In addition to these cancerous growths, it has also resulted into cases of infertility, obesity, diabetes, endometriosis, miscarriages as well as early onset of puberty. In addition, estrogen dominance also leads to increased fat accumulation within the body i.e. obesity. 

How to reduce on exposure to xenoestrogens

Here are a number of ways we can minimize exposure to the rogue and dangerous group of EDCs especially xenoestrogens;

· Minimize use of plastic containers for storing and microwaving food since heat will leach the plasticizers that act as EDCs into the food.

· Reduce consumption of packaged or canned food and bottled water as most of the preservatives used are normally xenoestrogenic. 

· Use natural pesticides in your garden instead of the synthetic ones. Concentrate a lot on purely organic produce.

· Use mineral based sun screens and organic cosmetics and hair care products to avoid exposure to the xenoestrogens found in the industrially manufactured cosmetics. 

· Avoid commercial sprays, air fresheners and other detergents as much as you can.

· To avoid eating farm raised animal products, you should purpose and make a routine of buying organic dairy products, meat and poultry. 

In conclusion, xenoestrogenic substances are so dangerous although we interact with them on daily basis. Complete avoidance of the xenoestrogens is a very tough deal, but minimization of exposure is a very possible and viable deal. Therefore, its upon you to do your best.

Visit this website http://www.zeroxeno.com/xenoestrogen-101 to learn more.


Physical Therapy Treatments that Combine Chiropractic Services with Rehabilitation

Are you suffering from headaches, neck or back pain, sleep deprivation or weight gain? Have you tried modern medicines and diet plans that continue to fail? If so, you are not alone and there are other ways to help you feel better and lose weight that do no involve any pills or hard to manage diet programs. Zone Healing Center offers an approach that treats your entire body by providing services from doctors that specialize in physical therapy treatments that combine chiropractic services and rehabilitation.

If you are in pain or discomfort and want to try something new, you can visit our site www.zonehealingcenter.com and discover an alternative method to modern medicine. You will be provided not only with a zone doctor and rehabilitation technician, but also with a case manager who stays in direct contact with you and reviews your health history. A case manager discusses your medical concerns with your zone doctor and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your health.

Once you begin to browse the website, you will find that you can click here on services, specialists, symptoms or success stories links to receive more information about this healing center. You can also sign up for a complimentary bodywork sampler package and get a consultation and an orthopedics and neurological exam which includes nerve and muscle diagnostic testing.

When you suffer from chronic pain, most medicines that you take only stop the pain for a limited amount of time. While getting that small break from the pain is much needed, it does not fix it for a substantial period of time. Doctors usually keep prescribing the same medicine and you just continue to get the same results. At Zone Healing Center they want to find out what is causing the pain. There are numerous tests run and doctors develop a specific treatment for your medical needs based on test results. Most treatments involve exercises that are taught to be done at the medical office as well as at your home. You are even given a care coordinator whose job is to make sure you complete your entire care plan as prepared by a doctor.

With all of the support given, you should experience a change in your symptoms and a decrease in medication needed to ease your pain. Feelings of frustration and depression should subside as you finally get treatment that works for you.

How to Deal with a Food Allergy

Lots of people all over the world have allergies, but only a few really have food allergies. What most people have is known as food intolerance. As for those who are allergic to certain kinds of food, they merely know about it when they eat something and suddenly develop itching, redness, and even difficulty breathing. These allergies should not be ignored. You have to deal with them. You have to remember that any form of allergies to food can be deadly. It can kill anyone. This does not have to happen to you. By going to a doctor who specializes in allergies, you will know what you can do with yours.

If you have food allergy in Sterling, you should not just ignore it. Avoid the foods that cause the reactions. Also, it is important to see a specialist so you will get more information on food allergy. You would like to know how you can treat the symptoms in case you experience a reaction. More importantly, you have to know how an anaphylactic reaction is treated. You should be ready in case it happens.

It is also helpful to keep on reading a food allergy blog. It does not take so much time, but it already gives you a lot of helpful information about your condition. Once you visit a doctor, make sure to ask if he or she has a blog for food allergy. It is a good idea to follow it and you can also share your own knowledge and experiences to the doctor and to other readers.

AlignLife of Charleston Specializes in Natural Healthcare

The AlignLife Chiropractic Charleston specializes in assisting people to treat or reduce their ailments by using a natural process to healthcare. The office is a modern day chiropractic clinic in Charleston and is a part of the AlignLife Chiropractic System. AlignLife is a national network which operates with the highest level of integrity and specifically has the best interests of the patient as it’s primary goal.All AlignLife Chiropractic Center offers a professional staff that is waiting to serve you. Our clinic is constantly working to insure that our patients enjoy only the best treatment and with loving care. Chiropractic healthcare is not just for back pain. Our natural treatment can help with conditions like asthma, diabetes, carpal tunnel and a multitude of other symptoms. Our clinic also specializes in nutritional education. Afterall, eating properly is a pre-requisite for feeling healthy.Nutrition is a vital part of anybody’s life. Eating right, exercising and giving your body the proper vitamins is crucial to feel well. Each AlignLife clinic offers a full line of the AlignLife nutraceuticals. Our supplements have been vigorously research and formulated to give maximum benefit to the human body.The doctor’s clinic can also assist you in providing an exercise routine that will help you to stay flexible and build muscle. You will discover that you will increase your energy and overall health.We all deserve to live life to it’s fullest, so wouldn’t it sound appealing to achieve the highest health possible while being off of pharacueticals? Visit our webpage and setup a consultation at your earliest convenience. Then you can begin on a path to a drug free lifestyle. Thomas Stanzel is looking forward to seeing you.

Natural Wellness May Be the Key to Your Good Health

With advancements in the natural wellness industry, it is a real travesty that so many people are suffering from pain these days. Many of these people have went to medical doctors in an effort to find comfort from their pain problems. Sometimes the medical doctors are able to treat the pain successfully, but much of the time it requires the use of threatening medications. Some people can’t even find a remedy by taking the the medicines. There is possibly a more desirable remedy available to you when looking for a solution to your ailment.

A Wood River Chiropractor will specialize in naturally based solutions for a number of ailments including but not limited to pain. It is actually quite impressive how good chiropractors are with their treatments. An initial analysis of the patient is needed. This will help the doctor to assess the problem and decide on best treatment. The first assessment will in many times involve xrays and physical agility discoveries. After this assessment has been conducted, the doctor will perform minor adjustments to realign bones and/or the spinal area to the proper positions. The adjustments are normally low impact and the patient feels no pain. In some scenarios a nerve may actually be pinched in the spine and this may cause pain to many other parts of the body. many folks are puzzled to learn how a misaligned bone, has the ability to cause symptoms in other part of their body.Why not take a minute, and schedule a visit with a chiropractor in Wood River. Read the online reviews and testimonials of other folks that have undergone this type of treatment, and find out if a chiropractor could possibly treat you. You may check out our site here.

Tips For Finding a Chiropractor in Lafayette IN

Locating a Chiropractic clinic in Lafayette doesn’t have to be difficult. The tips in this guide will assist you to make the most helpful selection.If you are trying to locate a Lafayette chiropractor, the first step you should do is to check out the chiropractor’s site. Check that the location is a part of town that you are comfortable to drive to. The second step that you will want to do is search their site for testimonials from their patients. These patient stories will grant you a tremendous look into the results that the chiropractor is having with his patients.Some chiropractor websites ideally will have other information on proper diet and working out. It is a wise choice to ask if the doctor has training in nutrition. A good eating habit is critical in keeping an overall healthy lifestyle. Of course fitness is also necessary in living right. Watch to see which sites offer suggestions in regards to fitness routines.In addition to checking out the chiropractic sites, another useful  method of selecting a chiropractic doctor is to talk to your social sphere for referrals. Chiropractic care is widespread, and the chances are that you know someone that has seen one.When you make use of the recommendations contained in this article, you will most certainly find that the notion of choosing a chiropractor to provide your chiropractic care will be made much less intimidating. We also invite that you visit our home on the web at http://lafayettechiropractor.org. Go see a chiropractor and begin living life again!

No Need For Confusion When Selecting a Mauldin Chiropractic Clinic

We all agree that it is a real travesty that so many people are living with pain in today’s world. So many of these folks have went to MD’s in an attempt to find comfort from their pain situations. Occasionally the medical doctors are able to treat the pain successfully, however much of the time it takes the use of debilitating prescription drugs. Some folks can’t even find a relief by taking the the drugs. There is probably a more appealing alternative available to you when seeking a solution to your pain.

AlignLife Chiropractic doctors specialize in naturally based remedies for a number of ailments from digestion issues to pain. It is actually quite impressive how successful chiropractors are providing effective healthcare. An initial analysis of the patient is needed. This will help the doctor to evaluate the situation and decide on best method of treatment. The beginning assessment will in many times require xrays and physical motion evaluations. After the initial testing has been done, the doctor will make small adjustments to align bones and/or the spine to the proper positions. The adjustments are most often low impact and the patient feels no pain. In many cases a nerve may actually be pinched in the spine and this will sometimes cause pain to various other areas of the body. People are often surprised how a misaligned bone, has the ability to cause discomfort in other regions of a human body.Learn how a chiropractor can help you, and setup a consultation with a chiropractor in Mauldin. Read the online feedback and testimonials by other folks that have undergone this type of healthcare, and find out a chiropractic doctor could possibly treat you. You may check out our site here.